Be Inspired Speaker Series @ A Good Space: Creating Trust in Complex Diversity


This public lecture is part of the "Be Inspired" Speaker Series at A Good Space - a community-curated movement that aims to transform ordinary spaces into places of purpose.

It brings together community catalysts to create innovative events and projects to expand perspectives across a wide range of social issues, including: experiential simulations, public lectures, facilitated conversation circles, film screenings and more.


About The Lecture:

Cities across the world are facing immense strain. Whether it be about widening generation gaps, unfettered social media, urban migration, refugee crises, or even cosmopolitan work environments, we have to increasingly meet and contend with the increasingly diverse ways people view and engage with the world.

Gender dynamics, the blindness of privilege, minority subjugation and a widening chasm in political culture, are now everyday topics that seem to be highlighting our differences much faster and more starkly than ever before; possibly undermining our ability to cooperate, find harmony, or even be productive.

In this talk, Tong Yee will be sharing his personal journey as he struggles with these issues. Having to first overcome his own blindness to just how diverse the world is, was a struggle in itself.

Yet, gaining empathy with how the different people in Singapore see issues, and therein learning to appreciate the energy that they bring to any given issue, was crucial in making headway in tackling our shared social issues.

As leaders in our own society, we need to find coherent ways to work together without bringing further damage to each other, to learn a way to frame the polarities we each live, and a way to harness diversity to achieve collective value.

How do we maintain a willingness for each of us to be in the same space as one another, to preserve trust despite our differences?

We hope this evening together is able to bring meaningful insight.

About The Speaker

Tong Yee,
Social entrepreneur and co-founder of The Thought Collective

Tong Yee started out as a public school teacher, teaching General Paper at Nanyang Junior College. After setting up a successful community outreach program to provide tuition for repeat students in Singapore, he thereafter co-founded School of Thought to continue to promote educational innovation and civic learning in both the private and public sector.

School of Thought has since evolved to become The Thought Collective, a growing group of social enterprises that focus on building social and emotional capital in Singapore. Besides School of Thought, The Thought Collective consists of Think Tank Publishing, a publishing arm that specializes in information design and curation; Thinkscape, a learning experience company that specializes in building cultural and institutional narratives; Food for Thought, a socially conscious restaurant business; and Common Ground, a social innovation consultancy that seeks to design sustainable solutions for today's most pressing problems.

Tong Yee currently serves as one of the 3 directors of The Thought Collective. He aims to optimise the organisation's strong cross-sector networks to design a new way forward, allowing Singaporeans to think, live and serve as a community.

Having struggled through his earlier academic progress himself, Tong Yee has developed much empathy for people who have experienced failure in their lives, and channels this compassion to connecting with others, leading them to create new possibilities in their lives.

Some of Tong Yee’s present endeavors include leading a new prototype of family service centres, designing thought-provoking educational experiences through trail innovation, and initiating novel and compelling social movements in the hope of creating a more gracious and loving society.

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Fri Feb 2, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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